David Grosvenor: "Phnom Penh to Guantanamo" and Other Work
Canal UptownUnion MachineMoving Bridge #3Ore Dock #3ArrivalEmerson St Forward with BritainEidCoal Wharf, PAGulag PartnersHalalNoite
I like abandoned things - structures, landscapes, objects, and people. Each has a story, and since they've been left untended their possibilities are endless.
These pieces are acrylic and watercolor on canvas, cotton, and paper. The images are usually bichromate or cyanotype -19th century photographic processes that were themselves abandoned, initially in favor of photo paper, and later, by digital imagery. But that's just technical babble. I’m more interested in the relationship between peoples' memories and their perceptions of the world around them. I try to give the viewer the visual information to move forward with their own thoughts, so they become a collaborator in each piece